Steph Winzen studied classical Saxophone with the famous saxophonist Linda Bangs-Urban at Mainz, Germany. Her lyrical and multifaceted saxophoneplaying brought her together with artists like Giora Feidman, Raul Jaurena, Bobby Watson, John Stubblefield, John-Edward Kelly and Arno Bornkamp.


Steph plays with different symphonic orchestras in Germany and plays the baritone saxophone at the Saxquartet 1. S.Q. Mainz 04 .

She teaches at the conservatory of Mainz and established the

Saxophone Orchestra Mainz in 2013.


Her instruments are

Sopranino-, Soprano-, Alto-, Tenor-, Baritone- and Basssaxophone.

She plays Flute, Clarinet and performs as a singer, too.

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